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What Life Is

It's been a while since I became 16 years your . ya form 4 . It's really tough . I found many type of human . All with their own manners.huh . Today , I really found myself dreaming. I REALLY LOSE HIM. I just release the one that I really need in my life . It feel like I have lost my soul . How stupid I'm ^-^ It's about four years I tried to know him . I tried so hard to know about his life,family and all about him . it really hard for me now . When i got people that come in my life , they will leave me in the middle of hope . My heart really cant let you go , but I must . U need a space out there . If u think that I'm still thinking of that man . U better stop it . I SWEAR . I DONT HAVE HIM IN MY MIND. Just keep MOVE ON intan . u can . ^-^ If u're reading this . I hope u will had a happy life .